Vision boards

Whoever I am working with, be it a 1-1 client or a group, I always encourage them to develop a vision board to help get really clear on their goals. Its one thing having goals in your head or even writing them down but doing a vision board really brings your goals to life. A client I am working with at the moment brought hers in to show me last week and I really love it – it has inspired me to redo one of mine (see her photo at the end).

Having a vision is about recreating a new sense of self…a new story. Your idea about who you are shapes far more about you, your diet, your health and your life than you could ever imagine.  We all have ‘factual’ statements about who we are “I’m the kind of person… or I’m just wired this way..” As a result of who we believe ourselves to be, we have played out that role, just like an actor on a stage and everything in our life right now reflects that. If we are not happy with our current weight and health, then we know we need to start changing the script! Rewriting our story can be scary but can be exciting too.

It helps to create a strong vision around where it is we want to go and keep focused on that vision. For example, for clients who want to lose weight, I encourage them to start to seeing themselves as a slim person who is temporarily in a body that is too big. Shifting your mentality like this is really powerful – the more you see yourself at your ideal weight and stay focused on that image the more likely it is to happen. The vision board will help you with this as it acts as a daily reminder of the new reality we want to create for ourselves.

The idea of the vision board is to create a visual that is exciting, inviting and motivating for you. Every time you look at it you should be inspired to continue to move toward your vision, your new story, your new reality.

Tips to get the most from your board

  • Place your board somewhere you will see it regularly
  • Take time everyday to look at it and really feel the inspiration it provides
  • Read your affirmations and inspirational words aloud
  • See yourself in these pictures in your goal body feeling energised and alive
  • Believe and know that this is your new reality – it is already yours
  • Picture yourself shopping for new clothes in smaller sizes and how good that feels
  • Acknowledge any goals you have already achieved… and feel proud about the progress you’ve made and changes you can see or feel.

There are no rules with creating a board – whatever works for you and inspires you.

Some ideas to get you started on your own board

  • Gather a bunch of magazines that you can browse through to find images that match your vision
  • Search google images to find images that express what you are looking for
  • Add quotes, words or affirmations that inspire you
  • Add pictures of things that encourage you such as healthy food, inspiring people, an event you are participating in
  • Use colour, different textures and art and craft supplies to fancy it all up  – its your board : )

Now, where are those scissors…