We all have something we would like to improve about our health. Maybe you would like to lose weight, improve your eating habits or exercise more? If so, you are not alone. Two out of three Irish adults are overweight or obese and three out of four don’t do enough physical activity. But as a Health & Wellness Coach, I’m here to help! With over 20 years’ experience supporting and guiding people to make positive changes to their health and well-being, I will offer you guidance, inspiration and support to make lifestyle choices that work for you and implement lasting changes that improve your health, energy levels and ultimately your quality of life.

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Meal Planning Mini-Session

One of the biggest struggles my clients face is finding the time to eat healthily.  By the time they have juggled the kids, work, household chores, they lack the energy and motivation by dinner time to start getting creative and cooking a healthy dinner.  What helps them (and me!) massively is meal planning.  Once you put my systems in place you will:
– Have a more relaxed approach to meals
– Have a system in place that takes all the stress out of meals
– Know exactly what you are eating each day
– Save tons of time around meal times
– Save lots of money by avoiding food waste

This mini-session will give you all the tools you need.  We meet for 30 minutes, you implement the system, we meet for a follow-up 30 minute session to review and improve.

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Online Courses

Healthy, Fit and Vibrant

This healthy lifestyle programme will inspire and empower you to become healthy, fit and vibrant.  Not only will you lose weight but you will get your mojo for living back again!  This is all about empowering you to take control of your health, discover your inner motivation and put simple systems in place to help you reach your goals.

  • Lose weight
  • Start feeling more confident
  • Improve your health
  • Live life more fully
  • Look and feel great!

Ready to shake off the effect of two years with CoVid! Get your health and life back on track again!


An 8 week home-based strength program for beginners who want to get the greatest results in the shortest time! Includes 8 weekly follow-along videos, form videos for correct technique, warm-up and cool-down videos and pdfs. All you need to optimise your workouts for weight loss, toning and fitness.

This program brings you all the benefits of strength training but from the comfort of your own home.

plant food diet

Plant Power

This programme will inspire and empower you to enjoy a healthy plant food based diet!

  • You want to improve your diet so that you have more energy, improved health and lose weight
  • You want to have less impact on the environment and show compassion to animals
  • But more than anything you want to eat in a way that is alignment with your own values and beliefs

It is designed to help you transition to a healthy plant food based diet in 8 weeks – with little fuss or stress. By sharing my 25 years experience of being vegan along with all the knowledge gained in my studies, to help make this transition as easy as possible for you. I know you are busy – I am too – so I have laid this program out so it is gradual and won’t overwhelm you – yet, in the end you’ll get the results you want – better health, improved energy and even weight loss.

“I am active! I make time to go for a walk at least four times a week. As a result the job that stressed me to bits, the problems that used to occur don’t seem to effect me at all. After a walk everything seems so much easier! I’m a different person! Thank you!”

1-1 Coaching

As a Health & Wellness Coach, I’m here to help you with guidance, inspiration and support to make lifestyle choices that work for you! I have over 20 years’ experience supporting and guiding people to make positive changes to their health and well-being, and offer options for everyone.

  • Initial consultation
  • Kickstart your health (1 month package)
  • Rejuvenate your health (3 month package)

  • Transform your health (6 month package)
  • Top-up sessions (previous clients only)

“Apart from feeling better physically, my mental health has been given a great boost. It is so wonderful to again feel that anything is possible. I am amused at this new person and her new ways of dealing with stress! Ailis, thank you all so much. For me this has been life changing.”

“I now realise the importance and value of physical activity for my psychological and physical health. I feel I have moved significantly in the right direction, thanks to the excellent support, advice and information provided by Ailis and her team.”

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During our call, you can discuss your health needs with me and see how I might best support you. There is no pressure to commit – it’s just an opportunity for you to chat with me to see how I might be able to help you and if we are a good fit for each other.

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