Below is a selection of useful healthy living resources, some my own and some from other sources. Simply click on the headings to open up the different sections.

Vegan 21 day Kickstart 
For those of you who like to follow set plans I can highly recommend this 21 day plan.  You are given a weekly menu for the 3 weeks, along with recipes for each mean and even a shopping list. Doesn’t get much easier!

Vegan Mother Hubbard
Recipe index is photo gallery style, many of the recipes are vegan alternatives to more traditional meals so probably a good place to start if you are new to vegetarian/vegan cooking.

Vegan Society
have some lovely recipes and include gluten-free, soya-free, on a budget and baby and toddler recipes.

Hell Yeah It’s Vegan 
I like this site as its easy to navigate and has clear sections for dinner, sides, breakfast etc.  Also some great pics accompanying the recipes

Vegan Yack Attack 
This is nice if you want to get a bit more creative, very step by step instructions and lots of great photos of each step

Oh She Glows
Some nice recipes here – also some good search options (by allergies, seasonal, holidays etc.) as well as the more usual entree, breakfast etc.

30 Quick vegetarian meals
30 meals you can prepare in 30 minutes, simple but nice.

I’m a Little Vegan Facebook page 
I love this page, Louise is really creative and makes vegan cooking seem so easy and sexy!

The Happy Pear Cookbook
Only starting my way through this but so far so good, every recipe we have tried has been great.

Blazing Salads Cookbook
Love the first book which is unfortunately out of print but can only imagine the second one is just as good.

The China Study Cookbook
Really like this, lovely images and great index.

Vegetarian starter kit
This is an evidence-based brochure with lots of great tips and advice for those considering going vegetarian.

Nutritional requirements for vegans 
This is a well-written but brief overview of things to consider when embarking on a vegan diet.

Activity Diary

Physical Activity Diary

Exercise Goal Setting

Goal Setting Worksheet

How to know what pace is right

Target Heart Rate Chart
You can use this as a guide to figure out the range your heart rate should be in for moderate intensity

High Intensity Interval Training
A useful evidence-based guide to HITT from the American College of Sports Medicine

Meal Planner

Weekly Meal Planner

Mental Health

Top 10 tips for your Mental Health

Inspirational Quotes


Emotional Freedom Technique
Weight Loss Videos with Susan Browne

Relaxation Videos
Stress Management Videos from


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