Are you tired of where you are at right now? Just about ‘getting though’ the day, feeling exhausted and empty by the time the kids are in bed. Your answer – grabbing some chocolate and watching Netflixs to ‘recharge’ and then doing it all again the next day...

There is another way – one where you enjoy lifelong health and wellbeing, where delicious vegan food and exercise become part of your every day. Yes, you will begin to feel energised, alive and happy! Imagine your life where…

  • You are full of energy and vitality – waking up with a spring in your step
  • You enjoy preparing quick and easy nutritious plant-based foods.
  • Rather than struggling to keep up with your kids you are now a shining example to them of how to create a healthy lifestyle
  • You have a new found confidence and self-esteem and feel good about being plant-based
  • You love your new healthy lifestyle and start to enjoy activities you would never have done before
  • You feel great knowing your choices are benefiting the animals and the environment too

If you are ready to commit to creating the healthy lifestyle you want, enjoying plant-based foods and feeling amazing, then check out how you can work with me through my coaching, online program and workshops.

Let’s do this – your future self will thank you!


My workshops are fun, interactive and empowering. Come along and get inspired to be healthier and gain practical tips you can start taking action on.


Enjoy convenient and easy access to my programs from the comfort of your home. My programs are educational but interactive and come with lots of support and guidance.


The guidance, inspiration and support to make lifestyle choices that work for you and implement lasting changes that improve your quality of life.

Dr. Ailis Brosnan is a plant-based wellness expert who has over 25 years experience helping women create healthy lifestyles so they feel confident, energised and engage more fully in life.

Hi, I’m Ailis and I am passionate about helping women get fit, eat healthy plant based foods and get their mojo back. I know what it feels like to be putting your life on hold, to invest all your time in your kids and everyone else and leave yourself on empty.

I have had to change things around so I could start living fully,  be an inspiration to my kids and to feel great. I have helped many people over the years to gain a new lease of life. Witnessing the transformations is truly fulfilling – the spark, the radiance, the aliveness. I hope you are ready to transform your life too and if so, I would love to help you on your journey.

I offer a range of options to work with me including workshops, online programs and 1-1 coaching