I offer assistance with all aspects of healthy living and health promotion, from individual to organisation level. I have worked with a number of companies over the years, in roles such as Wellness Coordinator for a large corporation in Silicon Valley, California, right through to my Directorship of  Inspire Health – Workplace Health Training and Consultancy. I also spent several years supporting and assessing companies for Scotland’s Health at Work Award, so I understand the issues faced by organisations – from SMEs right through to large multi-nationals and how workplace wellness programs can be effective.

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness programs are recognised by more and more companies for their value in improving the health and well-being of employees. Investing in workplace health is a proven and effective way to enhance employee morale, as well as improve productivity and reduce sickness absence. A review of over 20 research articles found that promoting health in the workplace has a positive impact on the workforce. A significant finding was that health promotion programmes lead to a 12-36% reduction in sickness absence, especially considering 11 million working days are lost to absenteeism in Ireland. The review concluded that for every €1 spent on health promotion the company can save €2.50.

The Department of Health recently launched the Healthy Workplaces Framework, which is a key milestone for workplace health in Ireland. It aims to support the growth of effective approaches to enhance health and wellbeing in the workplace.

By availing of our services you will create a more energetic, positive and productive workplace that provides significant gains for your company or organisation, no matter what it’s size. In summary, benefits include:
Reduced absenteeism

Improved productivity

Improved staff morale

Greater retention of staff

Happier place to work

“When people feel strong and resilient – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – they perform better, with more passion, for longer. They win, their families win and the corporations that employ them win.”

Harvard Business Review, 2001

As time is a precious commodity in the workplace, the workshops are presented in a range of formats – ranging from a lunchtime seminar to a 10 week course. Workshops are also a great idea for away days and conferences. Our approach is unique in that all our programmes are based on the latest research and developments, yet have a holistic ethos underlying them.  We will consult with you first, to determine the needs of your company and then design a programme to address your needs. Training programmes are informative, empowering, interactive and enjoyable.

A few examples of workplace wellness programs solutions

  • Delivering seminars on a range of health topics*
  • Creating a health programme^ for away days and conferences
  • Managing a health promotion project for you
  • Writing information booklets and leaflets
  • Writing health-related policies and strategies

* Topics include Stress Management, Exercise, Healthy Eating, Backcare, Weight Management, Mental Health, Positive Mindset, Injury Prevention etc.
^ Health programmes can include Physiotherapy, Massage, Therapies, Health Checks, Yoga Classes, Exercise Classes, Fitness Assessments, Personal Training.

Click here to download the the ‘Workplace Wellness’ ebook with outlines the range of topics and services we can offer to your organisation. Please email us with any specific queries.

What previous corporate clients have said

Some of my corporate clients


I can offer assistance with all aspects of healthy living and health promotion, right up to national policy and strategy level. I have wide experience writing booklets, policies and strategies, and have been a member of a number of national working, steering and advisory groups over the years, including the intergovernmental National Physical Activity Plan working group, the HSE Framework on Obesity, GAA Healthy Club Project, the HSE Community Games steering group, the GP Exercise Referral steering group and the Go for Life steering group.

I can contribute by

  • Writing health-related booklets
  • Writing policies and strategies
  • Sitting as an advisory member of a board or group
  • Acting as an external examiner

Talk to me today about how I can tailor workshops to meet your organisation’s needs or deliver other initiatives for you.


Some of the publications I have written or contributed to: