These sessions have been designed to help give you a helping hand in an area you might need some added support or motivation with.  Be it taking the stress out of preparing meals, getting an exercise routine in place or just trying to reignite your motivation, I’m here to help!

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family cooking


One of the biggest struggles my clients face is finding the time to eat healthily.  By the time they have juggled the kids, work, household chores, they lack the energy and motivation by dinner time to start getting creative and cooking a healthy dinner.  What helps them (and me!) massively is meal planning.  Once you put my systems in place you will:
– Have a more relaxed approach to meals
– Have a system in place that takes all the stress out of meals
– Know exactly what you are eating each day
– Save tons of time around meal times
– Save lots of money by avoiding food waste

This mini-session will give you all the tools you need.  We meet for 30 minutes, you implement the system, we meet for a follow-up 30 minute session to review and improve.

Outdoor cross-country jogging in morning sunrise concept for exercising, fitness and healthy lifestyle


Finding it hard to fit exercise in, or just don’t have the motivation to do it?  I will help you draw up a personalised weekly plan that works for you and considers your other commitments, interests and family time.  You follow it for two weeks and then we meet up again to see if it needs any tweaks or revision.
Once that is done you have a plan that works for you and not against you.  A plan that you can realistically achieve and gain the benefits from – feeling fitter, stronger and healthier!

A personalised exercise plan will:
– identify fitness goals you want to achieve
– take the stress out of trying to fit exercise in each week
– help you exercise regularly as it works around all your other commitments
– help you be more motivated to exercise!
– ensure you enjoy exercise more!



If you know you want to be healthier but can’t seem the find the motivation to do what you need to do, this session is for you.  In our first mini-session, we explore your goals and inner motivation and start to set you on fire!

Then in between sessions you have some fun ‘homework’ to complete – vision boards, listening to visualisations and a few worksheets.
For our final session, we review your homework, fine tune your inner mindset and set you on the path to your goals. After this session you will have renewed sense of purpose in relation to your health goals and feel ready to go after them!

This mini-session consists of meeting for 30 minutes, homework over a 2 week period, then we meet for a follow-up 30 minute session to review and fine tune.


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