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TV3 Interview, March 2016

Ireland AM

Saturday AM, TV3 studios

montcrieff interview


Interview on raising vegan kids

Claire Byrne Show


Interviewed on being vegan


Guest Speaker 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019


Speaker at Multiple Sclerosis Wellness Event 2020


Guest Speaker 2016


Wellness in the Workplace


Interview is response to FSAI guidelines

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Speaker at Veganuary event in the Brehon


Article on 5 tips to stay thin


2 page spread in the Indo on 15 tips to think yourself thin


An article on Your Healthy Living Coach

Testimonials from clients

Including from workshops, coaching and online programmes.

INSPIRE online healthy weight program

Healthy Cooking Demos:

It has given me the motivation to cook the recipes and the confidence to try new recipes” Anne B., Healthy Cooking Demo, Oct 2018“Excellent workshop, hands-on cooking, well presented and great healthy tasty food.” Ted, Healthy Cooking Demo, Oct 2018

Very surprised how easy and quick healthy cooking can be. Can’t wait to cook at home, great benefit from this.” Healthy Cooking Demo, Oct 2018

Excellent demo and very interactive” Helen, Healthy Cooking Demo, Oct 2018

Excellent, most enjoyable day, thank you” June, Healthy Cooking Demo, Oct 2018

An enjoyable, informative and active day.” Healthy Cooking Demo, Oct 2018

I had a great day, so relaxed and enjoyable, learning loads throughout the day and loving the healthy eating lifestyle. The food all tased so good in Ailis’ recipes today, you’d love eating them and so good for you.” Lorna Keane, (Healthy Cooking Demo, Feb, 2018)

Great day – learned so much and the best bit was all the recipes were so quick and easy.” Liz Forster, (Healthy Cooking Demo, Feb, 2018)

Great workshop, really enjoyed the day, great inspiration and ideas.” Joanne, (Healthy Cooking Demo, Feb, 2018)

Great day, value for money and lovely food. Healthy chocolates were yum!” Eileen, (Healthy Cooking Demo, Feb, 2018)

Thanks Ailis for demonstrating quick and easy vegan recipes and showing us that it’s achievable to live healthier and follow a plant-based diet” (Healthy Cooking Demo, Feb, 2018)

Great experience, enjoyed it very much” Mary (Healthy Cooking Demo, Feb, 2018)

I really enjoyed the workshop. It was fun and everyone was included. Ailis I found you very friendly and approachable, made the day very enjoyable. Thanks” Kathleen (Healthy Cooking Demo, April, 2016)

Brilliant day Ailis – thanks! I always find that I resist salads and salad dresssings – not after today. You showed how easy and delicious they are and I really look forward to including them in my diet. All recipes were delicious, easy and nutritious.  The day was great fun – it flew. You are so generous – thank you.” Mary Thompson (Healthy Cooking Demo, April 2016).

OMG absolutely fabulous day. So much I didn’t know and learnt today about salads and healthy eating. So easy and delicious, the chocolate coconut balls were fabulous!” Mary Lenihan (Healthy Cooking Demo, April 2016)

Great recipes – very informative. Really enjoyed the workshop.” Olivia O’Shea (Healthy Cooking Demo, May 2016)

Thank  you so much for a fabulous day, really enjoyed it.  Really looking forward to trying out all the recipes. Thank you.” Antonia (Healthy Cooking Demo, April 2016)

Very enjoyable day – thank you” Mary Clifford (Healthy Cooking Demo, May 2016)

Splendid day, so enjoyable. Looking forward to cooking more.” Mary Lawless (Healthy Cooking Demo, April 2016)

“I loved the informality of the day and feel it will really help me integrate healthy eating to my new healthy life.”  (Healthy Cooking Demo, May 2016)

Very informative and interactive. Fab lunch – nourishing, filling and tasty. Interesting and easy delivery.” (Healthy Cooking Demo, May 2106)

I would highly recommend this workshop…it has definitely equipped me with so much information and has kept me interested in my new quest of eating the best way I can and eating the right things. Thanks Ailis” Sorcha Ryan (Healthy Cooking Demo, May 2016)

Really informative day, lots of new interesting combinations, lots of flavour. Loved the hands on element.” Claire Q (Healthy Cooking Demo, May 2016)

“Enjoyed every minute of it. At 62 years of age I have now learnt a lot how healthy tasty eating can be fabulous – looking forward to making these goodies.” Mary Anne (Healthy Cooking Demo, April, 2016)

“I enjoyed the workshop and I feel confident now to try these recipes myself at home.” (Healthy Cooking Demo, April, 2016)

“Thoroughly enjoyed the demo – thanks for an inspiring day!” Laura (Healthy Cooking Demo, April, 2016)

“Excellent recipes, ideas and very inspired to change my ways when it comes to food. Thanks so much” Siobhan Griffin (Healthy Cooking Demo, April, 2016)

“Really enjoyed the day with Dr. Ailis – her food demo was excellent. Looking forward to the next one already!” Catherine (Healthy Cooking Demo, April, 2016)

Healthier You Workshops:

“Brilliant relaxed atmosphere, great amount of useful info, very capable and resourceful facilitator. I have learnt a lot and would highly recommend it.” Patty (Healthier You Workshop, Feb 2016)

“Thank you so much for your ‘Steps to a Healthier You’ workshop – you have given me much-needed inspiration and motivation to help me live a healthier life” Sally Cronin (Healthier You Workshop, Feb 2016)

“Such a fantastic facilitator – its great to be reminded to care for ourselves!” (Healthier You Workshop, Feb 2016)

“A great kickstart to any change you want to implement” Claire Meere (Healthier You Workshop, Feb 2016)

“Very informative and educational, easy to follow and understand, fun and enjoyable, motivating workshop. Thank you for a great workshop!” J. O’Callaghan, (Healthier You Workshop, Feb 2016)

“The workshop was extremely informative, plenty of handouts – excellent all around” Rachel Allen (Healthier You Workshop, Feb 2016)

“I think the workshop was amazing and I would not change it in anyway. I would most definitely recommend this workshop and I will attend another workshop in the future.” (Healthier You Workshop, Feb 2016)

“I really enjoyed the course, its about looking after yourself and being grateful for what we have and being in the moment.” Miriam Buckley (Healthier You Workshop, Feb 2016)

“It was very information, interesting and enjoyable, everyone should have this information. Dr. Ailis’s knowledge and delivery in unbelievable. Well done Dr. Ailis.” Catherine (Healthier You Workshop, Feb 2016)

“Great kickstart for getting change of routine established.” Mags (Healthier You Workshop, Feb 2016)

Healthy Weight Workshop:

“Ailis is very knowledgable and passionate about health and weight loss but also sees the bigger picture and offers practical solutions to apply to real life. Amazing day!” Caroline O’Connor (Healthy Weight Workshop, Maynooth, 2015)

“Super day, very informative and interesting, great to kickstart a new healthier lifestyle” Grainne O’Connell (Healthy Weight Workshop, Cork, 2015)

“Ailis doesn’t preach at all yet she clearly lives by the values she promotes. An informative and worthwhile workshop” Linda (Healthy Weight Workshop, Maynooth, 2015)

“Creative, informative, confidence builder with lots of hints and tips for safe, long-lasting weight loss based on relevant and up to date research” Kathleen Dennehy (Healthy Weight Workshop, Cork, 2015)

“I really enjoyed the workshop. We received so much information and it really gave me the tools to make better choices.” Lara (Healthy Weight Workshop, Killarney, 2015)

“A fantastic course to give you a full overview of all aspects of your healthy life, from eating healthier to introducing exercise easily and staying sance and relaxed while doing it! Thoroughly enjoyable.” Michelle O’Connor-Flynn (Healthy Weight Workshop, Tralee, 2015)

“A most interesting and thought provoking workshop. Lots of practical advice. Great to leave with new ideas and a plan of action. Thank you Ailis, thoroughly enjoyed the day” Linda Dennehy (Healthy Weight Workshop, Cork, 2015)

“Very informative about plant based foods which I knew little about. Very motivated to add these to my diet.” Gillian (Healthy Weight Workshop, Killarney, 2015)

“I enjoyed the workshop today. It gave me hope that at my age (55) I can still change my eating habits.” Catherine Keane (Healthy Weight Workshop, Maynooth, 2015)

“Very informative. Well worth your time to invest in yourself.” Geraldine O’Sullivan (Healthy Weight Workshop, Tralee, 2015)

“I found the workshop interesting, informative and very down to earth. It has made me look at food differently.” Martina Hickey (Healthy Weight Workshop, Tralee, 2015)

“I really enjoyed this workshop, easy to use information and tips that can be easily included into my life and diet.” Tracy Fitzgerald (Healthy Weight Workshop, Tralee, 2015)

“Thought it was very well presented – right amount of scientific facts balanced with all the practical tips. Most informative. Life changing.” (Healthy Weight Workshop, Cork, 2015)

“Excellent workshop for those starting to improve their diet and be healthy over-all” (Healthy Weight Workshop, Cork, 2015)

I hope it’s ok to write but I thought you might like to hear that I have been having an amazing time with ‘project Mórna’ – as you called it and I do too 🙂 I have gotten some swimming lessons over the past while and with some simple changes to my stroke, I am now swimming for 45 mins to an hour 5 times a week! My fitness and endurance has just gone up and up and I now feel so strong in the pool. My body has changed so much too, I have muscles in my legs that I never had before and I am firmer and trimmer every day. This has positive effects for my sleep and my work; I am sleeping as soon as I hit my pillow and up again ready and excited for the next say. And more than anything else, my work is better because I am more focussed when I am at my desk, as I know I will leave at a certain time to eat and swim. I feel balanced with my writing and excited about it. Even though it is hugely challenging, I feel up totally for it. I am also meditating most days and doing lots of walking meditations especially, and taking the time to make myself delicious food at every meal, including breakfast, which was the one I struggled with. 

I am constantly astonished at this new situation and new me. I find myself smiling as I walk along and ponder it all. A year ago, when I emailed you first I was barely able to walk at all withthe injury in my feet, had put on weight and was feeling very negative about my body and myself and a hundred other nagative knock-ons. Now, in the last stretch of my PhD and one of the most intense times of my life, I am the fittest I have ever been, and feeling well, stable, grounded, fierce and  full of potential. 

I know you would kindly say that so much of this is down to my own work and perseverance and it is, but I can safely say that none of this would have happened without your gentle and tailored motivation and insights. You kindled an interest in my wellbeing and my own potential that had gotten lost along the way, which is now in full flame again.Thank you so so much.”

Mórna, UK


Go for it, don’t put it off. Delete all previous attempts and embrace a new very real approach with Ailis. Ailis is extremely supportive and very motivating. She is truly passionate about what she does and really wants you to succeed. To this end she follows up on everything and offered me very good but simple advice which helped me overcome blocks I was experiencing. She just has a real knack of keeping you on track, truly wonderful considering I had tried and not stuck to so many diets and approaches before meeting Ailis.

Mary, Tralee

“Before I started this programme I was desperately unhealthy. Morbidly obese, smoker and generally didn’t care about myself. What I’ve found is a love and respect fir my body. I’ve finally stopped punishing it and started nourishing it. My body has begun to thank me and change in response. This programme has really changed my life for the better. It gave me the tools and the support to care about myself again.”
Lynsey Farrell, stay at home, mum of 2 children, lost 3 stone!

“The support from Ailis is amazing…I do really recommend this course. It’s been a fantastic experience for me.”
Susan Browne, Working mum of 3 boys, lost stone and a half

“I really enjoyed it…highly recommend it..I’ve never been on a program where it’s been so successful.”
Mairead Taylor, Working mum, lost over a stone

“Life became much easier…Suddenly I had more energy, I felt fitter than ever and had more energy for my kids . Ailis was very supportive…I would definitely recommend this program.”
Sona Dowds, Busy Working mum of 4 children

“Everybody says I look so much better. I feel much happier in my body, I have never felt so good, even when I was 21!”
Tania Lawlor, Mum to 4 children

“People I haven’t seen in a while are commenting on how much weight I have lost and how much happier and healthier I look.”
Sinead O’Sullivan, Mum of 2 young children

“My journey through the programme helped me to reach my objectives and I am still appreciating the rewards. Getting my family involved has thought us all to appreciate healthy eating and exercise. The benefits of which will be lifelong. The Healthy Living Coach programme is a journey with no end.”
Ieva Breen, Mum of 2 young children

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