Healthy Detox

Healthy Detox


Healthy Detox Challenge

We can all be feeling a bit sluggish and bloated after Christmas and really ready to get our health back on track. This healthy detox will help you do just that, so you are brimming with energy and vitality after the 5 days!

You will find all the information you need for your 5 day detox in this challenge including guidelines, FAQ’s, menu plan, shopping list and all your breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. This will greatly help you kickstart your health and weight loss goals as well as giving you many other benefits.

Prep starts Monday January 2nd

Challenge runs for 5 days from Wednesday 4th to Sunday 8th inclusive

A healthy plant-based detox can help you:

★Improve your energy levels

★greatly improve sluggish digestion

★eliminate food addiction and unhealthy cravings

★have clearer brighter eyes and skin

★lose weight naturally

★feel more confident and happy in yourself

Plus you will get lots of support and motivation on the Facebook group!

I hope you’ll join us!

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Healthy Detox Challenge

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