Rejuvenate your health: coaching


3 month package (8 one-to-one sessions)

If you want to rejuvenate your health and would like support and motivation to do so, then this package is perfect for you. This programme runs over three months and involves eight 45 minute 1-1 coaching sessions, along with email support during the three months.

We all have something we would like to improve about our health. Maybe you would like to lose weight, improve your eating habits or exercise more? If so, you are not alone. 2 out of every 3 Irish adults are overweight or obese and 3 out 4 do not do enough physical activity.

I’m here to help! I have over 20 years experience supporting and guiding people to make positive changes to their health and well-being. I will offer you guidance, inspiration and support to make lifestyle choices that work for you and implement lasting changes that improve your health, energy levels and ultimately your quality of life.

Coaching sessions can take place either online or in person and deal with any aspect of health and fitness, whatever your goals are… to lose weight, to exercise more, to eat more healthily, to manage your stress better.

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