7 steps to a healthy morning routine

The best way to get off to a good start in your day is to create a healthy morning routine. I find the days I get up that little bit earlier and do the suggestions below my day definitely goes more smoothly, enjoyable and I am more productive. Like any routine, a morning one is all about doing things daily until they become habits and then reaping the rewards as your health and wellbeing improve.

I usually do well with parts of the routine below but putting it all together can be tough – that’s my new challenge to myself for next month! So, here are some healthy morning tips that can make all the difference to your day.

Drink water and lemon

Having a glass of warm water and lemon is a great way to wake up your digestive system and improve your skin. If you are feeling brave, you can add a dash of Cayenne Pepper or Apple Cider Vinegar for added benefits.

Meditate for 10 minutes

This can really help you get grounded and centered before your day begins. Sometimes mornings can be stressful (especially with getting ready for work and school drop offs etc!) so getting up that little bit earlier to meditate for 10 minutes can help you avoid going into the ‘stress’ mode. There are lots of audios and apps available that you can listen to if you like a guided meditation, check out the buddhify and headspace apps that can help you get started and keep going.

Set an intention for your day

After meditation is a perfect time to set your intention for the day. It just takes a few minutes but can be really powerful. I suggest you get a small journal and jot down your intention (just 2-3 lines) for the day and then each evening write in how it went – you will be amazed at how often your intention manifests!

Do your mindset exercises

This is also a perfect time to repeat your affirmations, think about things you are grateful for or have a look at your vision board if you have one. When we are in a relaxed space it is the best time to do these exercises as your sub-conscious mind is more receptive to them.

Enjoy some physical exercise

Exercise gets everything moving and you feel so great after it. Those feel good hormones can really set you up in a positive mood for the day. Doing it the morning also helps avoid all those excuses that can arise during the day and prevent you doing it later.

Have a healthy breakfast

A juice or smoothie are a great way to start the day but there are lots of other healthy options too. Try to have variety in your choices so its not always the same breakfast every morning. Check out some smoothies and juices recipes in the resources section.

Plan your day

Spending a few minutes first thing to review and plan out your day can really help take the stress out of it. Sometimes doing the hardest thing first is best as its not hanging over you all day and you will have a feeling of accomplishment after doing it.

As with any health habits, start with introducing one or two and gradually add more in. It is not always easy, especially if you have others to take care of in the morning too. Generally it means getting up that bit earlier in the morning. Before you know it though, your actions will become habits and you will miss them the days you don’t do them! So which ones are you going to try?…

I’d love to hear which steps work for you – pop over to Facebook and let me know : )