This programme will inspire and empower you to enjoy a healthy vegan diet!

You want to improve your diet so that you have more energy, improved health and lose weight

You want to have less impact on the environment and show compassion to animals

But more than anything you want to eat in a way that is alignment with your own values and beliefs

After supporting 100’s of people over the past 20 years to improve their nutrition, energy and health, I know:

  • You aren’t happy with your current habits but struggle with the motivation to change
  • You have a busy lifestyle and don’t want to have to spend hours in the kitchen
  • You are concerned about getting adequate nutrition on a vegan diet
  • You are busy taking care of everyone else and often ignoring your own needs
  • You want to eat more healthily but aren’t sure where to start
  • You worry about being able to sustain exercise levels on a vegan diet

If this sounds like you, then you are definitely in the right place. You might be inspired to go vegan but aren’t sure where to start, or  you might have all the information and the recipes but struggle making the transition. This course will support you in this and provide you with the solutions, strategies and knowledge you need to enjoy eating a healthy vegan diet.


Lots of healthy wholefood vegan recipes with menu plans and tasty treats


All you need to know about vegan nutrition so you can be confident you are doing things right

Facebook Support

A supportive facebook group where you will get support from me and likeminded people

Dr. Ailis Brosnan

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This programme will help you feel confident and competent about enjoying a healthy vegan diet


I’m Ailis and I am a plant based wellness expert who supports people like you who want to improve their health, upgrade their nutrition and start living more fully.  You are at the point where you know what your current lifestyle isn’t how you want it to be.  Despite your best intentions to make changes (I’ll start next Monday….), you often end up feeling like you failed as you haven’t been able to follow the plan you wanted to.

What has been missing is an approach that helps you create a healthy lifestyle for life!  Not just short-term or ad-hoc attempts to change.  When you learn practical tips and strategies that help you make healthy changes that last – things really start to happen.  When you realise that vegan food can be both quick and easy and yet healthy and delicious it all becomes that bit more manageable.  When you have support from me and others in the group, then motivation stays high.


  • eating in a way that is aligned to your values and beliefs
  • having lots of energy to enjoy life to the fullest
  • having improved health and glowing from the inside out
  • feeling confident in your choice to be vegan
  • understanding vegan nutrition so you know you are eating well
  • knowing how to deal with social situations

But you only get these kind of results if you start to prioritise your nutrition and health choices.

The New to Vegan program can help you transform how you eat, improve your health and energise your life.  This online programme will support you to successfully transition to a vegan diet with ease.  If you are considering going vegan or are new to being vegan, this course will provide you with all the guidance you will need. You will have access to over 100 recipes, tons of information on a whole range of topics from vegan nutrition to eating out to dealing with others who may not be supportive of your choices.  There will also be a closed supportive FB group where Dr. Ailis Brosnan (who has been vegan for 20 years) will answer your questions and do live FB Q&A to help you overcome any obstacles along the way.

I know that food is much more than just nutrients – it is also intermingled with emotions, traditions, eating out, family and friends, travel, work, habits and more.  I will help you navigate all of that so that you will gain practical knowledge and skills to bring about lasting change. You’ll discover how to keep it simple, inexpensive yet healthy and delicious.

With the right attitude, enthusiasm and commitment, being a healthy vegan will become second nature to you and you will only wonder why you didn’t do this sooner! I promise you it will be more enjoyable and rewarding that you ever imagined!

Join us for this 8 week course and revitalise your health on every level –

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Dr Ailis Brosnan – D. Health Sc., M.Ed., B.Sc.
Your Healthy Living Coach

Never worry again! Feel confident that you can enjoy a healthy vegan diet!

You know you aren’t happy continuing to eat how you have been and you truly desire a better lifestyle for yourself (and the animals) – yet making the shift can be difficult. I have 20 years’ experience eating a vegan diet and can help you with any challenges or concerns you have to ensure that you are set up for a successful transition.

Is this you?

  • You’re fed up with trying it on your own and want support
  • You battle with wanting to be vegan but just not able to do it
  • You are tired of all the comments and questions you get
  • You want to be vegan but do it in a healthy way
  • You need a solution you can fit into your busy schedule
  • You’d like a programme you can do from home
  • You want to feel great and feel more aligned with your values
  • You want to be a good role model for a vegan diet

I can help!

  • I’ll show you how develop a positive mindset for success
  • I’ll take the stress out of shopping and cooking
  • I’ll help you understand vegan nutrition
  • I’ll give you lots of solutions to the challenges of being vegan
  • I’ll provide guidance on eating out and travelling while vegan
  • I’ll give you tips and recipes specific to vegan fitness
  • I’ll support and motivate you throughout the course
  • I’ll empower you to continue your healthier lifestyle

I have mapped everything out for you – right down to weekly meal plans!

You’ll be given secure access to a site with all the programme’s resources in one place

We will cover topics such as Vegan Nutrition; Vegan on the Go; Vegan Families: Vegan Fitness; Vegan on a budget; Menu-Planning and much more.

But that’s not all! This course is packed with good things to make your journey easier!

You’ll get access to a wealth of support material and other aids


  • ebooks covering vegan nutrition, overcoming challenges, eating out and much, much more
  • An overview of the programme’s approach to nutrition 
  • Motivational webinars to give you the skills to build your healthier lifestyle
  • Support to help you beat cravings and emotional eating

All the materials you receive are yours to keep, and will help you to maintain your healthy lifestyle once the course has ended.


Because I am so passionate about veganism and the many benefits it can bring, I am keeping this programme at a low cost so it can reach as many people as possible.  The investment for this potentially life-changing (and life-saving!) programme is only €197!  Plus if you join my mailing list you will be the first to hear about the early bird offers for my May program.  Less than the price of a cup of tea a day for something that will bring you tremendous benefits!

Premium option

If you need additional support and guidance, you can avail of my Premium option which includes all of the above plus three 45 minute one-to-one coaching sessions which can take place in person or via Skype.  These sessions can be used at any time throughout the programme, but are of most benefit at the beginning, middle and end of the programme.

  • Week 1 – to get really clear on your goals, where you are now and where you want to get to
  • Week 4 – to help make sure you are on track and to personalise any aspects of the program you need additional support with, and
  • Week 8 – to help  develop personal strategies to keep you focused and motivated beyond the programme

The investment for this option is just an additional €150. You can select the Premium option when you click on the ‘Book Now’ button.

Find out what others have been saying about the course…

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Next course starts May 21st – hopefully you will be enjoying the same benefits by the summer!