This programme will inspire and empower you to lose weight and improve your health! Make 2018 the year you got your mojo back and starting living fully again!
Program starts Monday 21st May – do you want to still be where you are now next summer or do you want to be brave enough to step into the new you!


Healthy wholefood, plant based nutrition with menu plans and quick and easy recipes


A cardio and home-based strength training programme with demonstration videos


I’ll help you develop a positive mindset to stay motivated and focused every step of the way


My gradual approach empowers you to continue your healthier lifestyle longterm


I know what it feels like to be unhappy with your body and to be putting your life on hold


“I have always been health conscious and into fitness, but as a young adult I still struggled on and off with my weight. I was never very happy with my weight and this affected many areas of my life. It still amazes me how much it affected me emotionally, in particular my confidence and self-esteem. So, I know what it feels like not to be happy with your body and to be putting your life on hold. And how all-consuming and draining thoughts about food choices and your weight can be. Fortunately, I now have a very different relationship with food, exercise and life and enjoy nourishing and taking care of my body and creating optimal health for me and my family.

So, what brought about the change? Well a combination of things really – in particular realising that weight loss is so much more than just diet and exercise (as important as these are) and that we are so much more than our weight! I have spent the last 25 years working and studying in the health and fitness field and this program brings together all my learning and experience in a comprehensive, holistic and evidence-based programme. I take all the research and translate it into a very easy to follow step-by-step approach – all the work has been done for you, all you have to do is trust the process, do the actions and enjoy the results! 

My approach is about creating health on all levels so that you feel more energetic, more confident and engage more fully in life.  The programme sets you on the path to health and supports you in creating a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.  It is based on eating a whole-food plant-based diet, embarking on a gradual, supported exercise program and practising the all important mindset skills you need to reach your goals and maintain your healthy lifestyle. 

Dr Ailis Brosnan – D. Health Sc., M.Ed., B.Sc.
Your Healthy Living Coach

Never diet again! Awaken the radiant, energetic and confident you!

I have 25 years’ experience helping women to change their approach to weight loss

Is this you?

  • You’re fed up with fad diets and want a better solution
  • You battle with cravings and emotional eating
  • Your weight is affecting your confidence and self-esteem
  • You want to reach your ideal weight and stay there
  • You need a solution you can fit into your busy schedule
  • You’d like a programme you can do from home
  • You want to feel great and enjoy life more

I can help!

  • I’ll show you how develop a positive mindset for success
  • I’ll help you set clear goals and achievable targets
  • I’ll take the stress out of shopping and cooking
  • I’ll teach you to enjoy exercise
  • I’ll show you relaxation and meditation techniques
  • I’ll support and motivate you throughout the course
  • I’ll empower you to continue your healthier lifestyle

I have mapped everything out for you – right down to weekly exercise and meal plans!

You’ll be given secure access to a site with all the programme’s resources in one place

Pre-programme workbook

A step-by-step workbook and checklist will help you prepare for the programme. It lays out your goals in terms of vision, mindset and weight loss, to set you on track for success!

Weekly action plan

To help you stay focused and motivated, you’ll check off your daily targets with this weekly accountability tracker that covers your weight, exercise, diet, mindset, sleep, mood, etc.

Recipes and menu plans

With five new healthy plant-based dinner recipes to try every week, you won’t have any trouble planning nutritious meals! There are also breakfast, lunch, snack and dessert options and sample menus to help you put it all together.

Weekly fitness plan

Your weekly exercise programme consists of cardio and strength exercises. Videos will guide you, and you’ll also be given modifications to make the exercise easier or more difficult depending on your starting fitness level.

Ongoing support

There’s a private Facebook group where you can post me questions or shout out for support or motivation from the other women on the course. I will also do live streams on Facebook to answer questions as needed.  In addition, there are weekly webinars for you to listen to in your own time.

Premium option

For those that need extra support, there is a Premium option available. You’ll get three extra 45 minute one-to-one coaching sessions with Ailis, which can take place in person or via Skype. This is available for an additional investment of just €150.

But that’s not all! This course is packed with good things to make your journey easier!

You’ll get access to a wealth of support material and other aids


  • Handouts and audio guides covering relaxation, cooking tips, family health habits, sleep management and much, much more
  • An overview of the programme’s approach to nutrition and exercise
  • Motivational webinars to give you the skills to build your healthier lifestyle
  • Support to help you beat cravings and emotional eating

All the materials you receive are yours to keep, and will help you to maintain your healthy lifestyle once the course has ended.

Premium option

If you need additional support and guidance, you can avail of my Premium option which includes all of the above plus three 45 minute one-to-one coaching sessions which can take place in person or via Skype.  These sessions can be used at any time throughout the programme, but are of most benefit at the beginning, middle and end of the programme.

  • Week 1 – to get really clear on your goals
  • Week 4 – to help make sure you are on track and to personalise any aspects of the program you need additional support with, and
  • Week 8 – to help  develop personal strategies to keep you focused and motivated beyond the programme

The investment for this option is just €180. You can select the Premium option when you sign up to the Inspire programme!

My holistic course will empower you to live a healthier lifestyle!

Don’t just take my word for it. This is what other women have said about my programme!

“Go for it, don’t put it off. Delete all previous attempts and embrace a new very real approach with Ailis. Ailis is extremely supportive and very motivating. She is truly passionate about what she does and really wants you to succeed. To this end she follows up on everything and offered me very good but simple advice which helped me overcome blocks I was experiencing. She just has a real knack of keeping you on track, truly wonderful considering I had tried and not stuck to so many diets and approaches before meeting Ailis.” Mary, Tralee

“I lost 1.5 stone, but gained so much more. A different outlook, a healthier life, friends and the tools to go forward and loose the rest x many many thanks” Lynsey, Dublin