How EFT helps you to lose weight… and keep it off

EFT stands for emotional freedom techniques and it involves tapping on energy meridians on the head, upper body and hands – yourself – to feel better. It is very easy to learn, and extremely effective. You can learn it yourself or work with an EFT practitioner and then continue on your own. I use it with most of my clients, and I never tire of seeing the look on someone’s face when they try it first time and are amazed how much better they feel right away.

So why would this help people lose weight? Well put simply, one of the reasons we become overweight or find it difficult to get motivated to take action is our emotions. EFT acts very quickly on the amygdala in the brain, which deals with the fight or flight mechanism, and has a very calming effect. After that it’s about pointing your EFT practise in the direction of what you would like to achieve. Let’s look at just a few of the common blocks to losing weight:

  • Comfort eating out of boredom, hurt, anger, grief, loneliness and so on
  • Not having the confidence to exercise
  • The fear that losing all the desired weight will change our personality or that people might treat us differently (identity issues)
  • Not having the motivation to exercise
  • The fear that we might lose all the weight only to put it all back on again
  • The reservation that if we need to watch what we eat all the time life may feel boring and restrictive

Each and every one of these are tappable issues, e.g. can be addressed with EFT. What does EFT aimed at weight loss look like? Take a look at my videos, click here for an example from the EFT Lose Weight series; ‘Motivation to Exercise.’

I also designed a programme with over 3 hours of tapping audios and manual to follow along to addressing the most common pitfalls in weight loss and how to surpass them the EFT way. ‘Love Yourself Slim with EFT’ can be found at

Starting out, ask yourself how safe you would feel if you were at your desired weight this minute. Most people reply, ‘I’d be delighted, over the moon,’ and yet sometimes on further exploring people discover they are afraid for one reason or another. It’s these covert fears that help to guide us in our EFT work. If any of the issues mentioned come up for you, why not make a list of all of the blocks you can think of to losing weight. When you know what’s been stopping you, you have something to work at in order for lasting results. For complex or painful issues work with an experienced EFT practitioner initially for support and guidance. It’s a common myth that losing weight is just a discipline issue and some have it and others don’t. It’s more intricate than that, and EFT can get you moving forward. Start the day with a motivational tapping round and then use it during the day on things that come up.


Susan Browne is an Accredited Counsellor, EFT Master Practitioner & Reiki Master based in North Co. Kerry, Ireland. She sees clients in person and internationally via Skype for EFT sessions. If you would like to hear from Susan via her newsletter and receive her complimentary soothing angel visualisation you can subscribe at